The Three/Five/Seven + Day Juice Cleanse

A Juice cleanse is the most natural and organic method of detoxifying and healing the body. Juice fasting not only cleanses the digestive system but also floods the body with phytonutrients and minerals allowing the body to reset and begin healing itself.

There is lots of research that shows the healing properties of juicing. Not only will juicing facilitate weight loss, increase energy levels, strengthen bones, clears the colon and creates a glowing complexion. It will also help the body regain the ability to balance blood sugar levels (stopping cravings), reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, strengthen the immune system and help in healing damage to internal tissue.

Average 1kg weight loss every 2 days and 3kg – 4.5kg on a 5/7 day Juice cleanse.

What does our juice cleanse include?

We juice prepare 5x 500ml Cold Pressed  Juice in glass bottles which we tailor make our juices to suit your needs. Depending on your targets, taste and aliments. We give bottles for the

The bottles are BPA free to lessen the leeching of unwanted toxin such as BPA3 found in plastics.

We offer email support for any questions or anxieties throughout the Juice cleanse.

We can also provide bottle freshly cut coconut water for those that want our additional coconut water.


If you’d like to extend your cleanse prices can be arranged. Centrifugal Juicer:

Three Day Cleanse £75

Five Day Cleanse £125

Seven Day Cleanse £175

juice cleanse south london

Delivery and Collection

You can either collect or we can organise Addison Lee or Uber delivery service prices vary depending on distance.

Juices are to be collected every day using a centrifugal and every 3 days to get the most out of your juice..